This Is Most Certainly True: Lutheranism as Confession

What’s does it mean to be “Lutheran”? Do all Lutherans believe the same thing? Rev. Matthew Durance speaks about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the reason he left the church body he once loved for confessional Lutheranism. Topics include the ELCA’s view on Scripture and the Confessions, Ministry and the work of the Church, and the Sacraments.

Download the handout for the seminar here.

In this first part, Rev. Durance shares the historical background of the ELCA and LC-MS and his own journey from the former to the latter:

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In the second part, Rev. Durance speaks about major differences in ELCA and LCMS theology and how they play out in practice.

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The Rev. Matthew H. Durance serves as pastor at Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Greenleaf and as the vacancy pastor at St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Barnes. He formerly served as an ELCA pastor in Axtell and Onaga, Kansas and joined the LC-MS in August 2017 by colloquy. Pr. Durance serves as the Life Coordinator for the Kansas District, LC-MS

Pr. Durance earned his M. Div. from Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN and has a B.S. degree in Psychology from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI and will begin his work on a Doctor of Ministry at Concordia Theological Seminary this fall looking at Life Ministry in the LC-MS.

Seminar held on Jan 19th, 2019