Helpful Links

Holy Scripture

The Holy Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God.  St. Peter’s Lutheran Church confesses that the Scriptures are true because they testify to our risen and ascended Lord.

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) was founded in 1847 by German immigrants seeking to freely practice confessional Lutheranism.  The LCMS  is a voluntary network of congregations throughout the nation who continue to walk in this confessional identity.  St. Peter’s Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the LCMS.

LCMS Kansas District is the district of the LCMS where St. Peter’s is located.  The aim of the district is to support the workers and congregations within their area.  Kansas District has some helpful information and resources on their website concerning the activity of the LCMS in Kansas.

Official Ministries of the LCMS

Concordia Publishing House is the official publishing house of the LCMS.   Their mission is to provide the Church with doctrinally sound materials for churches as well as individuals. You can browse their stock online, both print and digital resources.

Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is a financial institution of the LCMS, with our local representatives in the Kansas/Oklahoma Office.  LCEF provides loan, ministry support, and investment products to individuals and congregations of the LCMS. A partnership with LCEF is about more than money—it’s an investment in the future of the LCMS and its ministries.

KFUO is the official radio station of the LCMS, and is listener supported.  On their website you can listen live as well as search their archives.  They broadcast church music, talk shows, bible studies, and more.

Lutheran Hour Ministries is a laity led organization that provides resources to help equip the saints to share their faith.  They also provide devotions, Bible studies, and archives of their flagship ministry: The Lutheran Hour, which reaches more than 51 million people around the world each week.

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League is an organization of women dedicated to the mission of the Church.  The LWML participates in  local, national, and international missions.

LCMS U is a resource to connect and support students as they head off to college and face countless challenges to their biblical worldview, doctrine, ethics and practices.  It is also a place to connect and encourage parents, congregations, and campus ministries as they seek to care for students, so that all can boldly bear witness to Christ on our nation’s college campuses.

YouthESource is a website that provides resources for youth and youth groups.  They also host a blog dedicated for teens and their parents.

Other Links

Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show featured on KFUO.  From their website you can listen live as well as listen to archived episodes.  They have other resources, such as journals and book lists on their website.

World Wide Wolfmueller is a website by Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller. With a hose of audio and video resources, and books (many of them free for download or a minimal cost for a print copy), this website is packed with Lutheran Doctrine.

Crucial Productions is all about teaching you Christianity so you can pass it on. We don’t want to just give you information and facts and data about the Bible. We want to introduce you to the essence of Christianity and who it’s all about – Jesus!