Updated: 04/15/2019

Weekly Opportunities

Tuesday (4/16)
6:00 PM | Dialogue & Doctrine

Wednesday (4/17)
6:30 PM | Choir

Thursday (4/18)
7:30 AM | Men’s Bible Study
9:00 AM |Mission of Love
6:00 PM | Maundy Thursday Service

Friday (4/19)
6:00 PM | Good Friday Service

Saturday (4/20)
7:30 PM | Easter Vigil Service

Sunday (4/21) Easter
7:00 AM | Sunrise Service
7:45 AM | Easter Breakfast
8:15 AM | Easter Egg Hunt
8:30 AM |Sunday School
9:30 AM |Easter Service
11:45 AM | Voter’s Meal
12:15PM|Voters Meeting


Thrivent Choice Dollars
If you’re an eligible Thrivent Financial member and have Choice Dollars® available to direct, please keep us in mind. For more info or to direct Choice Dollars, call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice.” Or click here: http://bit.ly/XJrPZN.

Ride to Church:  If you need a ride to church, please contact SandyHildinger at 473-3236

Humboldt Food Pantry
The Humboldt Food Pantry is in need of the following items:  The Pantry is in need of the following items: : Dry pinto or navy beans/ Chicken Broth/Pork and Beans. The food pantry also accepts monetary donations for items not available from the Kansas Food Bank as well as farm eggs and meat that is processed and inspected by a qualified meat processor. You can also take your gently used clothing, household items and furniture to “Everything Fitz” and designate the sales to the Humboldt Food Pantry.

Ride to Children’s Sunday school: Parent’s if your child needs a ride to Sunday school, get with Jenny Krone or Andrew Arana for more information.

Communion Preparation: The 2018 sign-up sheet is in the Narthex, be sure to sign up.  There are still several open spots.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please inform the office if you or a family member would like to be added to the pray request or prayer chain, we don’t add people without permission from you or a family member please contact us either by phone or email.

Dialogue & Doctrine – Our new small group meets on Tuesday nights from 6-7PM.  For our first study we have decided to do an overview of the Psalms as the Old Testament prayer book, while looking at several Psalms in particular to go more in depth. If you’re interested but aren’t able to make it to every meeting, that’s okay! The plans are to keep this group going for however long people are interested, studying a variety of topics and using a variety of tools as we go. I will try to announce when we start a new study. Stop by to join the conversation!

Special Request: If you leave something on the desk in the office please leave a note with it.  Several things have been left and we do not know what they are for or who they are from.  Thank you.

Future dates to keep in mind:
Women’s Bible Study – April 28 at 3:00 PM

LWML: Will be collecting the following items for KVC, (foster kids).  They are asking the congregations help in collecting these items.  There will be a basket in the Narthex for the following items.
Feb.-March-April- Jackets/stuffed toys/blankets
May-June-July – Donations of gift cards to restaurants, swim fees, summer items like sunscreen.
Aug.-Sept.-Oct.- Backpacks, duffel bags, personal care items, like deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes, socks, glove.
Thank you for your continued support of the projects that LWML does.

HOLY WEEK Schedule
Monday- St Peter’s Lutheran
Tuesday – First Baptist
Wednesday – St. Joseph’s
Thursday – First Assembly
Friday – Humboldt United Methodist

EASTER BREAKFAST – Sign up in the Narthex if you can bring a casserole, cinnamon rolls, orange juice or milk to the Easter Sunrise Breakfast.
Easter egg Donations: April 21st is Easter! Before Sunday School, we will have the Easter Egg Hunt for our youth and could use your help. We are in need of things to fill them with. If you’d like to donate candy, stickers, or other goodies, we will have a bin in the Narthex that you can place the Easter goodies in. If you’d like to make a monetary donation, you can do so by earmarking your donation as “Easter Hunt”.

Women’s Bible Study
Marie would like everyone to join her on April 28, at 3:00 P.M. for the kick-off of a new women’s Bible study. We will be using “Altogether Beautiful” by Heidi Goehmann, a video-based study on the Song of Songs that explores what it means to be loved fiercely and called beautiful by the God of the universe. Whether you’re married or single, young or old, you will find truth and comfort in the Song of Songs because this song, ultimately, is about the fierce love God has for you, His bride, whom He declares altogether beautiful.
They will be meeting once every month, and if you have questions, please see Marie Roth.

CHURCH SECURITY: Due to an incident with a stranger in our building. Some of our members saw him in the building, and then later found him hiding in the women’s restroom in the basement. Upon hearing his description it seems that it might be the same individual that I (pastor) had an incident,someone walked in to the building but promptly walked out when he realized I was there.
On account of these incidents, and some other things we have noticed (the soda money going missing sometime within the last week or two, a beer can having been left in a Sunday School classroom trashcan, etc.), the elders and I have now had a  discussion on church security policies and practices. We will also have a discussion about security policies and practices at our voters’ meeting.
For now, please take note of the following actions that are going to be implemented immediately:
We are going to be keeping the church doors locked, even during the day. If you do not have a key and need to get into the building, please call ahead to the church office before you arrive to make sure that someone is there to let you in. Once you arrive, please ring the doorbell at the east entrance to the narthex. If it is during a time when the office is closed or no one is there, please make arrangements with the trustees or someone else who has a key before you need to be in the building, or please check out a key from Carman and return it to her after you are done with it.
2.  If you unlocked a door, please be sure that you lock it *and that it is latched* when you leave. Do not assume that someone else will lock it for you, and do not assume that it will latch by itself when you leave. This *includes* on Sunday mornings. This has especially been a problem in the Narthex. All doors can be unlocked from both the inside and outside, and they need to be checked twice (once outside and once inside) in order to ensure they are actually locked. If you unlock both the inside and outside of a door but only lock one side when you leave, then the doors can still be opened. They do not stay locked on the outside or automatically lock on the outside. The best practice is that soon as you unlock a door from the outside, you immediately lock it from the outside and then unlock it from the inside. The doors also need to be pushed closed when you leave and checked to make sure they latch.

Thank you! Together, we can make sure this problem is addressed.

Youth Group
The youth group is accepting donations for the garage sale on May 4th. Please leave them on the stage in the fellowship hall.

Garage Sale
On Saturday, April 27th we will have a garage sale for members of St. Peter’s at the old church from 9 AM to noon. Item are available by donation. Any items not claimed will be sold at the city-wide sale on May 4th. Items include: folding chairs, adult potty chair, metal shelves inserts, wheelchairs, walker, wood table, shelf, cabinets, podium, card tables, folding tables, speakers, water tank, children’s chairs, fans, sheets of plywood, metal frames, wooden boxes, metal siding, and more.    If you have any questions contact Scott Murrow, Don Copley, or Kenneth & Arletta Lott

Fund Raiser:  Mark your calendar for May 5th following second service, the Stewardship committee is having a pulled pork meal.  A free will offering will be taken to help pay for the cost of the mold removal at the parsonage.  We are asking everyone to come and not only enjoy a delicious meal but also each others company.