The Humboldt Food Pantry is in need of instant potatoes and beef and chicken ramen noodles.  The Humboldt Food Pantry, 718 Bridge Street, is OPEN EVERY TUESDAY FROM 5-6 PM.

THE FEEDING AMERICA PROGRAM (Wal Mart Donations) distributes food on the SECOND AND FOURTH MONDAYS of the month from 10-11 AM at the Humboldt Senior Center/Pantry, 718 Bridge Street.  This is a first come/first served type distribution, with no guarantee of any food boxes left by 11 AM.

ANYONE who lives in the USD # 258 school district, who is experiencing food insecurity, is encouraged to come to the Food Pantry and to the Feeding America Programs.

You may help support the Humboldt Food Pantry by taking your gently used clothing/household items and furniture to “Everything Fitz” and designate the sales to the Humboldt Food Pantry.

Biblesta Meeting will be October 25, 2021, at 6:00 PM at the Von Humboldt Housing meeting room, 410 South 9th Street Humboldt KS.

The Christian Board Of Education continues to offer transportation to and from Sunday School and/or Wednesday Midweek School for anyone needing a ride. Please contact Jenny Krone 620-433-2867

It is never too late to begin attending Wednesday Midweek Christian education for preschool students to 8th grade from 6:00-7:30 PM.  Chapel time begins at 6PM, followed by classroom instructions with a closing at 7:20 PM.    Hope to see you on Wednesday.  

Children Sunday School begins at 8:30 AM We offer classes for children preschool to High School.  Please come and be amazed what you can learn in Sunday School!!

THEME VERSE FOR THE YEAR:  It is that time of the year when a new Theme Verse of the Year needs to be selected by the Elders.  Please put your thinking cap on and turn in suggestions to Pastor Daugherty’s mailbox.  We already have four verses to consider.

Pastor Daugherty has three small pecan trees that need a home.  If you are interested, please speak with him today.

Please consider signing up to help with communion in November or December.  You may sign up for the entire month or a week.  The sheet is located on the table in the narthex.  There are individuals willing to help you through the process of setting up and clearing communion.  If you’re trying to limit the number of trips to Humboldt, we can work out a schedule for that as well.  Contact DeAnn Hauser if you would like to help or need more information.

Trunk or Treat: We are planning to have Trunk or Treat this year.   We will be handing out candy only from 4:30 to 5:30 on Sunday, October 31st.  We will have a drive thru instead of the kids walking along the sidewalk.  We will NOT be cooking, only handing out candy.

We will require that everyone handing out candy and representing St. Peters wear a mask.

The vehicles will come in the drive at the front of the church and exit on the backside of the church. We will park the vehicles, so the trunks are facing out. We will also space the vehicles 6 feet apart. If you plan on having a trunk, we will divide the candy in buckets and hand out all the goodies at the beginning of the event.

1.) If you plan on having a trunk, please sign the sign-up sheet in the Narthex.

2.) If you would like to donate candy to this outreach project, please leave it in the church office.

If you have any questions, please contact Curt or Alisha Mueller, 620-496-7919 or . Or Tom and Alicia Schomaker, 620-473-0679.

If you leave a note for Carman in the office, be sure to include your name and date.  There have been too many notes that do not have names.  Thank you for your help. Leon Storck, Head Elder.

Church Directory:  On the table in the narthex are 2 copies of the old directory. I need to have the information updated.  If your information is correct, please put ok beside your name.  If there is a change, please write in the change.  I would like to print a new directory in January after Pastor Jennings is here. Thank you, Carman.

Lutheran Witness: If you are interested in receiving the Lutheran Witness, please let the office know by Nov. 7th. The cost is $16.25, payable to the church, put Lutheran Witness in the memo.

Missionaries We Support

Guinea, West Africa – Tim & Beth Heiney Family
Indonesia – Rev. Matthew & Kali Wood Family
Belize Mission Society

Members in Care Homes

Tri-Valley: Karen Bruenger
Heritage Health: Eileen Robertson; Ellery Robertson
Lawrence: Norma Moore
Olathe: Doris Wilhite
Arrowood: Melvin Baker

Family Members in the Military

MSgt. Kevin Beeman
Sgt. Kelsey Kubler
Pvt. Nicklous Shultz

In Our Prayers

The family of Melvin Baker, as he went home to the Lord this past Sunday.

Glodine Clements
Ron Clements
Joan Colvin
Judy Daniels

Neil Hartwig
Caleb Henrichs
Sherry Herder
Bob Krone

Phil Kubler
Adam Kucera
Kathy Kucera
Norma Moore

Susan Owens
Frank Schomaker
Wayne Smith
Shane Wade

Please inform the office if you or a family member would like to be added to the prayer request or prayer chain, we do not add people without permission from you or a family member either by phone or email.