The Humboldt Food Pantry is in need of canned milk/ tomato sauce and sugar free pudding.

The Pantry accepts fresh garden produce. The Food Pantry, 718 Bridge Street, is open EVERY TUESDAY FROM 5-6 PM.

THE FEEDING AMERICA PROGRAM (Wal Mart donations) distributes food every SECOND MONDAY OF THE MONTH FROM 10-11 AM at the Food Pantry, 718 Bridge Street. 

ANYONE who lives in the USD# 258 school district, who is experiencing food insecurity, is encouraged to come to the Food Pantry and to the FEEDING AMERICA Programs.

You may help support the Food Pantry by taking your gently used clothing/household items and furniture to “Everything Fitz” and designate your sales to the Humboldt Food Pantry.

Please remember to save your Best Choice food labels for the Food Pantry non-profit fundraiser.  We need 1000 per year to receive the profits.

The Pantry is in need of men, women, children, infant’s winter gloves/hats/mittens/scarves and socks for all ages. Thank You for your donations!!

The next Biblesta Committee meeting will be February 20, 2023, at 6 PM at the Von Humboldt Plaza Meeting room 410 S. 7th Street. Please join us in planning the 65th Annual Biblesta Celebration in October 2023.

The Christian Board of Education Committee’s month meeting will meet after church today, February 5th.

Sunday School begins at 8:30 AM for the children preschool to High School.  We encourage all students to attend Sunday School to enhance their spiritual teachings and understanding.  Let’s add attending Sunday School and Church an important goal for your weekly schedule for 2023!!

Wednesday midweek Christian Education School begins at 6:00 PM with an opening, followed by classroom instructions, and ends with a closing at 7:20 PM.  It is never too late to join us on Wednesday’s.

We continue to offer transportation to and from Sunday School and Wednesday Midweek school for anyone needing a ride.  Please contact.

Jenny Krone 1-620-433-2867.

Anyone who let us use your multi-colored Christmas Tree lights for the Christmas Eve Children Program, those are ready to be given back to you. Please let LaDonna Krone know.  Thank You!

The Committee is asking for volunteers to sew new Christmas Eve Program costumes.   Although we have plenty of very nice angel costumes, we are in need of all other costumes/ and matching head dressings and bands (wise men/shepherds/kings/ etc.)  We have the costume patterns and plenty of materials.  Please see one of the committee members (Jenny Krone/Janice Schomaker/Norma De Backer/Staci Rather/ Dawny Adams/LaDonna Krone) if you can help us with this project!!  THANKS!!     

MITES, MITES and more mites for LWML! TODAY

Missionaries in Guinea, West Africa – Tim & Beth Heiney Family
Indonesia – Rev. Matthew & Kali Wood Family
Belize Mission Society

Members in Care Homes

Tri-Valley: Karen Bruenger
Heritage Health: Eileen Robertson; Ellery Robertson. Neil Hartwig
Olathe: Doris Wilhite
Country Place: Joan Colvin, Sylvia Borghardt
Yates Center Health & Rehab Joe & Anita Baker

Family Members in the Military

MSgt. Kevin Beeman

Glodine Clements, Joan Colvin, Neil Hartwig, Caleb Henrichs, Bob Krone, Adam Kucera, Ellery Robertson, Shane Wade. Also, military members:  MSgt. Kevin Beeman.

Please inform the office if you or a family member would like to be added to the prayer request or prayer chain, we do not add people without permission from you or a family member either by phone or email.