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Rev. Matthew Wood, LCMS International Pastor in Indonesia

Rev. Matthew and Kali Wood serve on behalf of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in Indonesia, based in Medan. Matthew works closely with the Indonesian Christian Lutheran Church (GKLI). He helps train pastors and lay leaders by providing resources through educational workshops, translation projects and other efforts in cooperation with the GKLI.

This Sunday Rev. Wood joined us to share how the Gospel is being shared with the people in Indonesia. During his sermon Rev. Wood proclaimed that the forgiveness of sins we have in Christ is the foundation of both our faith and life, and how is teaching is being revealed to many in Indonesia for the very first time. In his presentation he told us a story about the village of Kuamang Kuning.

There the local GKLI congregation looked with mercy upon a group of Sanak people, a jungle dwelling people who lost their home due to the development of palm oil plantations. The congregation taught them how to farm and sell produce in addition to the freedom we have in the Gospel. This wasn’t a simple lesson in theology but had a great practical impact upon this people who, for example, believed that a child’s death in the womb meant the whole people had to move due to the presence of an evil spirit. Knowing that Christ is greater than any evil spirit changes their way of life. The GKLI also worked with the LCMS and the Lutheran Church in Australia to build housing and shelter for the Sanak people. So far this ministry has resulted in 19 baptisms!

For more information you can watch his presentation below. Don’t forget and visit his family’s website and sign up for their newsletters. You can also watch Rev. Wood’s sermon here